Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bistro Grill at Kandivali East

I am a big fan of Lebanese food and Bistro Grill really attracted me for a dinner.  I had visited the Thakur Village branch. They have delivery service as well.
Contact: 022 30151867


Its an outdoor set up with enough noise and sound pollution. Its not that bad, being in Mumbai you get used to it.

Food Platter:

They have a variety of Starters, Rolls and Shawarma, Pasta's and Pizza, Sizzlers, Grills, and Biryani!To end with Desserts and beverages too! #Desserts: I just saw Sizzling Hot Brownie.
I definitely ordered  Lebanese platter than pizza, pasta or sizzlers! After all its singular choice.
Food was good and flavors were balanced with a slight Indian touch. Would never completely say it was authentic Lebanese.

What I ordered?

* Grill Lebanese Chicken
* Chicken Shawarma
* Extra Pita bread


Its a decent pricing for the quantity of food offered.
I am attaching their menu list too.

Have a nice weekend and get ready for Christmas!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

After a Break

Its been a while since I have jotted and today I have decided to vent out on anything I want. I have been happy starting off this blog for various reasons :-)Happiness is a state of mind and is beautiful when when you are happy,rght?

Anger and frustration are very smart tools which has helped the Wellness industries to boom.Am I not right?What could I do for beauty,fitness,beautiful skin....and the list goes on.It seems Wellness centers are booming and would boom more in number, even without licenses(which is already happening)To choose the right place is in our hands.
After all, if you know how to control the mental, physical and spiritual paths of our minds we are in Sync.Can we??

Dinner by the Leopold Cafe

Eating is fun,when you enjoy a good company.That's what I believe, and my all time company is my Hubby and kiddo:-) If you are visiting Mumbai,never forget to step foot at least once at LEOPOLD CAFE".I would rather call it a family restaurant after the  November 2008 Mumbai attacks.And why, before I would find more of  tourists buzzing around....So you are a tourist,expat, or family the cafe boys greet you with a smile and would see to it you would get a seat SOON.

My likes:
*The billboard has always driven me with their old coke ads.
* I am definitely visiting a museum and why,because to find anything which is dating from the year 1871 is precious.Its established in the year 1871.
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