Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dinner by the Leopold Cafe

Eating is fun,when you enjoy a good company.That's what I believe, and my all time company is my Hubby and kiddo:-) If you are visiting Mumbai,never forget to step foot at least once at LEOPOLD CAFE".I would rather call it a family restaurant after the  November 2008 Mumbai attacks.And why, before I would find more of  tourists buzzing around....So you are a tourist,expat, or family the cafe boys greet you with a smile and would see to it you would get a seat SOON.

My likes:
*The billboard has always driven me with their old coke ads.
* I am definitely visiting a museum and why,because to find anything which is dating from the year 1871 is precious.Its established in the year 1871.

 Do not expect a quiet ambiance and visit this cafe, its a huzzled place which revives you at any point in time.A smiling waiter always reaches on time to take order and also assists for any queries about their food.I did not have much doubt :-)
Food reaches real fast and in months I have never gotten any such fast service.I liked that part too.Do not forget to order their fried rice and their Legendary Beef/ Chicken Chilly.Its great in the gravy and dry form.....Those who love to order for drinks, they could and I had ordered a Lemon Tea which turned out be sulking:-( We did order Nachos with Cheese and was yummy too.

Chilly chicken / Nachos with cheese dip
Beef Chilly

Do try the Beef Steak(they do not serve with mashed potato here: sad) with fries.On top of this we did try a omelette sandwich :-)
And never forget to check out the bullet marks still leaving an imprint of that horrifying day.

Secret : If its a week day, early morning with a book is relaxing along with a great breakfast from the cafe.
I would give a 8.5 on ten and its great to visit at this cafe to revive any part of your life at any age.

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