Saturday, January 29, 2011


I happened to find this credible site while I had been to Lonar Crater,Aurangabad. Hence after a few in site on these bugs I understood they are on a mission!!

Dung Beetles are an important group of insects associated with the decomposition of animal manure around the world. They consume large amounts of dung as adults and larvae. Some species prefer woodland habitats while others are common on pastures. Their actions have been credited in reducing pasture fouling, adding nutrients to soil, aerating soil and competing for nesting habitat and food resources with flies.

Dung beetles fall into three basic nest building categories, tunnelers, dwellers, or rollers.Tunnelers consume the dung pat and burrow into the soil beneath the pat.Manure dwelling beetles, consume the manure pat and deposit eggs in the manure, or in the soil near the surface. Canthon beetles are dung rolling beetles. These beetles tend to break the pat into brood balls that are rolled to a suitable site and buried. Each dung beetle nest type improves the soil by increasing percolation, introducing organic matter into the soil, and reducing non-point sources of organic pollution.
(Courtesy: SC State Univ Ref)
(My kids background voice makes the video complete, as he doubts when did the ladybird change black? and is it coming to attack me?)


Jeevan said...

wow! u well captured the movement :)

Sajna Aseef said...

Thanks Jeevan:-)

Sajna Aseef said...

Thanks Jeevan:-)

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