Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nothing comes for FREE

 On our way to this amazing destination  "Lonar Crater" I found this lady by a stream collecting water.Thrilled to my photography spree,thought of getting a snap of the village woman.I took a snap,dint have to say even to pose.....she wore this bright magenta and was looking all happy.
I understood a few secs later that she smiled and was happy because she is going to make some easy bucks there!!!She asked me money.....And I was ,why do you need that??Because you took my snap......Ooho...I was in a mood to debate and my tourist guide interuppted and gave 10 Rs., and he said its of no use to have an arguement, and would be only a waste of time.

Moral of the story:
Nothing comes for free these days!!not even a smile :-)

1 comment:

Jeevan said...

That much changed our world! They are the model of rural! i too read about this money matter somewhere in blog.

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