Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Devil Fruit / Dragon Fruit

I had been longing to have you wonder what is so great in that.This time I wanted to have fruits which are not from my country"India".So, which means I wanted to have imported fruits. Being in Mumbai, the best place to get them would be Crawford Market.The market houses  wholesale fruits, vegetables and poultry stuffs. Most of the sellers inside the market nowadays sell imported items such as foods, cosmetics, household and gift items.
I had been here several times because I never get fed up of this place.Coming to the point of my today's interesting part,I went to the fruit section where some were interested in selling and some were least bit bothered.I am 'someone like anyone' who wants attention and get what a customer wants, " Customer Delight". I was called by this chap from a shop, he told me, "just taste a few of our fresh fruits, & if you like it buy it or not its absolutely okie".That was a warm welcome.I tasted a fruit for my first time  called "DEVIL FRUIT" and that is the first time I am seeing it as well. He said it comes from Thailand. I was amazed and happy to see the beauty of my creator in India,which is coined as third world or developing country.Trust me I was happy to see things which I have not seen before.:-) The inner feel is like a strawberry,that does not mean it looks like them,the feel while eating them gives you second thoughts of strawberry.And don't you want to see them??

I did check in Wiki and other sources for the definition and some detailing on this fruit. I was not satisfied with the results.
It seems a Devil Fruit is a cursed Fruit.They are said to be the fruit of the Sea Devil and that the secret to their power is hidden in the Grand Line. Because encounters with them are rare (especially outside the Grand Line) a number of rumours about them have risen making it difficult to tell whether some things are fact or fiction. The average person knows nothing or very little about what they are. The Devil Fruit, when consumed, gives the consumer a power or special trait. (Courtesy: Wikipedia) 

I did see other unusual fruits(at least for me), such as Amarfal, which is from Kashmir,India and Mini Oranges which is again from Thailand.I loved the dream being fulfilled by having IMPORTED FRUITS.
Enjoy some of my pics and do drop in my fav shop keeper who delighted me with his customer service.

Fruit Merchant,
Stall No.116,Crawford Market,Mumbai.

                                                                  Mini Oranges

I loved the dream being fulfilled by having IMPORTED FRUITS.


An Open Book said...

i once saw this devil fruit here and did some research on it before buying and i read that it is an absolutely tasteless it true>??

i have never seen the fruit called amarfal..interestin!

Anonymous said...

No, we have tasted the devil fruit we found it sweetish in taste.

one can try it.

For diabetic persons.Please refer a doctor before eating it.

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